Friday, 23 March 2012

Monitoring the progress

Since we are almost three months into 2012, I thought I would review my January goals:
Goal update:
1.      Get down to 188lbs - as additional motivation, I have resolved to not drink any that delicious, yet high caloric beverage known as beer until goal is reached- that includes Superbowl Sunday and St. Paddy's day! Status: March 23: Complete, kinda. Goal was reached March 3 and I did not break my no beer or bad food vow until 188 was reached. Of course I had a celebratory meal and was not as careful eating the following week which bumped me back up to the low 190s.  I am back to eating fairly clean now, and have my sights on 178-ish as the weight I want to be at going forward. Since I am 5’11”, 178 would mean I not “overweight” per the BMI scale, even though I think the BMI metric is very flawed…Sidney Crosby is overweight per BMI!

2. Do 100 consecutive push-ups. Last time I tried, I got up to 40. Status March 23: Not met. Have not really started.

3. Complete my first full marathon in October in 4:15 or less. Status March 23: Since the race is still several months away, the goal is obviously incomplete. I did register for the marathon, and have started extending my long runs past the half marathon distance of 13 miles.

4. Complete a half-marathon under 1:48 - date and location TBD. I have two halfs under my belt already - 1:52 is my personal best. Status March 23: Incomplete, have yet to run a half yet in 2012, however I am registered for two this spring. Based on some long runs I have done lately, I think I am fine in the endurance department for a half, I just need to start working on my speed.

5. Build enough endurance to complete the Dopey challenge in January 2013. Dopey challenge is an event during the Disney World Marathon weekend. It basically involves a 5K race on Friday, plus the Goofy challenge, which is a half marathon on Saturday, followed by a full marathon on Sunday. Yikes!  Status March 23: Will not be complete until Jan 2013. However registration opens April 10…a big first step!

In other news...
My weekly schedule update: The schedule I set for myself on Jan 6 has deviated somewhat. Most notably, I stopped being such a chicken for cold weather running and actually got quite a bit in since January. I completed less Rushfit workouts than I projected (I do about 2 per week), and have not done any Insanity workouts. I am continuously modifying my personal circuit training routine. I try to include as many compound moves that combine strength training with cardio. I have also extended the routine to a fourth round.

Run training: As previously mentioned, I am getting much more running in than I thought I would. I get at least 3 runs in per week, often more. The three that I be sure to get in: a weekend long run that I am slowly extending (now at 15 miles), a 6.5 mile tempo run, and 4-5 times around a hilly 1.7 miles look near my house.

Racing: As I mention I have already signed up for three events

April 21: Wear Red Road Race. This is a half marathon were I run from Pownal, PEI to downtown Charlottetown.
May 20: Blue Nose. Another half marathon, this time through the streets of Halifax, Nova Scotia.
October 14: PEI Marathon: My first full! Run from Brackley Beach PEI to downtown Charlottetown.

Also, I plan on doing, but registration not yet opened for:

Goofy Challenge at Walt Disney World next January. Registration opens April 10.

Red Island Relay in May. This is a 5 stage relay race. I will run 8km, my brother in law will bike, I will run 10km, he will bike again, then we will both kayak like 5km.