Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Setting goals


I am 37 years old and live in Prince Edward Island, Canada. In March 2008, I tipped the scale at almost 280 lbs. I was severely out of shape (I would be winded walking up a set of stairs), I was not pleased with my appearance, and I was fearful that I was showing a bad example to my kids.

So I made a firm commitment to change. By the end of that summer, I dropped almost 50lbs and lost another 35lbs slowly over the next couple years.The lowest I weighed (well since high school) was 192 lbs, which was summer 2011 when I was running all the time. Holidays, a trip to Disney, and not working out quite as much put me back over the 200lbs mark at 205.

Although I am not overly concerned with my current weight, I have made it a goal of mine to get down to 188lbs. This brings me to the one of the purposes of this blog - to officially and publicly declare my fitness goals for 2012. I am hoping this will make me feel more accountable and ultimately more likely to accomplish my goals.

In the weeks and months ahead, I also plan to use this blog to give tips and colourful anecdotes on going from fat to fit based on my personal experiences. I am no expert, but I certainly know what worked for me.

So without further ado, here are my 2012 fitness goals...

1. Get down to 188lbs - as additional motivation, I have resolved to not drink any that delicious, yet high caloric beverage known as beer until goal is reached- that includes Superbowl Sunday and St. Paddy's day!

2. Do a 100 consecutive push-ups. Last time I tried, I got up to 40

3. Complete my first full marathon in October in 4:15 or less.

4. Complete a half-marathon under 1:48 - date and location TBD. I have two halfs under my belt already - 1:52 is my personal best

5. Build enough endurance to complete the Dopey challenge in January 2013. Dopey challenge is an event during the Disney World Marathon weekend. It basically involves a 5K race on Friday, plus the Goofy challenge, which is a half marathon on Saturday, followed by a full marathon on Sunday. Yikes!  

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  1. Robini Mathersonia! How do, man?

    Geeze, dude, you have inspired me. Seriously. I was just poking around Facebook (which I'd divorced for three years) and saw your profile - and I'm impressed with how you've managed to get in such great shape.

    I'm in battle mode myself, and have recently taken to bootcamp. Good fitness and weight-loss results so far, but a long way to go. I started the year at 246 and I'm now at 238. The results are always top of mind and I don't want to fall back into the old patterns.

    Anyway, I hope you keep this Blog going. Great to hear how you've accomplished so much and I look forward to seeing more.

    Hope all is well on the Island, Robbie. Say hi to Trina. And great family you, have there, too. Stacey and I have a daughter, Halle. She'll will be 8 in August and keeps us on the go in a big way. I know you know the same!

    Take care.