Friday, 6 January 2012

Weekly schedule

 This weekend is the 2012 Walt Disney World marathon. It marks one year from when I will be traveling down there to take the Goofy challenge myself. Although I am still 365 days out, from reading about the event on different message boards, I am kind of getting excited already…sad I know. 

Anyways, here is an outline of what my weekly fitness schedule, at least until the weather gets warmer, hopefully mid March, and I can begin serious running training … I hate running outdoors this time of year when it is freezing out. I got Georges St Pierre’s Rushfit for Christmas, so I will be doing a lot of those workouts. I will also being doing a workout routine that I created that I call “Brutal”. Many of the moves in this workout come from P90X, Insanity, and Rushfit DVDs; as well as Men’s Health Sparticus workout. Basically, it mixes cardio with dynamic strength training, circuit style. I will detail this workout in a future blog posting.

Monday: Rushfit (if I have time at lunch), Monday night 60-90 minutes running at UPEI’s indoor track

Tuesday: likely will be rest day. Might do something really light and easy like a wii fit workout

Wednesday: Brutal workout

Thursday: Strength and Endurance class at Studionine fitness. Hour long circuit training at a local gym that includes TRX and bosu. I love this class, it works everything, and the best part about that it you can tell the next day what areas you have been neglecting (because they are friggin sore!) It is also nice to get out and workout with others once and awhile.

Friday: Rushfit

Saturday: Both Rushfit and my Brutal routine

Sunday: Rushfit, and maybe something light like a wii fit workout, time and energy permitting

Also, mixed in throughout the week, time and energy permitting, will be the odd Insanity workout. In addition, I hope to tack on a couple tabata routines at the end of most Rushfit and Insanity workouts (for those that don’t know, tabata is only 4 minutes). I should also note that if the day happens to be unseasonably warm, I would bump whatever I have on my workout schedule for a 10-12K run.

Looking ahead, here are some topics I am thinking about covering in the months ahead:

-    What I did the summer I dropped 50 lbs
-         My personal take on P90X, Insanity, and Rushfit
-         Describe my Brutal workout and tabata routines
-         What I do for nutrition, including vitamins and supplements
-         Balancing workout time with work and family time
-    Maybe some non-fitness/healthy living topics

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